Friday, October 20, 2023

Dazzling Diamonds Sew-A-Long: Part 1

Welcome to Part 1 of the Dazzling Diamonds Sew-A-Long! Read below for instructions on starting off the Dazzling Diamonds Quilt.

All page references in this post refer to your ebook or physical copy of Crazy Quilting Dazzling Diamonds.


Create a fabric swatch guide (include your representative color pencil color too). (Click link below for free pdf download.)

Fabric Swatch Guide

Use colored pencils and the piecing diagram (page 13) to ensure a good color balance in fabrics across the project. (Click link below for free pdf download.)

Piecing Diagram

Print the block patterns (refer to page 16 for the URL link to the pattern). Cut each individual block pattern into patches, label each with the fabric color you will be using. 


Lay each individual patch pattern on the correct fabric (refer to page 14). Cut each fabric patch out, being careful to add seam allowance along the cut pattern lines (refer to page 17). Stack the patches together into their respective block; label and set aside.

You can choose to cut the borders now or wait until Part #3 of the Sew-A-Long. You can also omit any borders if you desire. These will not be embellished. Borders will be 6” cut by Width of Fabric (WOF).

Fabric Choices:

Most traditional crazy quilts are made of velvet, silk, brocade, and satin fabrics. However, these are all very expensive…especially when we are in the “learning stages” or creating crazy quilts. So, modern quilts often are made of cotton fabrics. Blenders and solids rather than busy prints will ensure your embroidery work is the focal of the quilt. That doesn’t mean that the fabrics need to be “plain”…just not super busy. Batiks make a great alternative to fancy fabrics. Using beautiful cottons in saturated colors can create drama.

The instruction quilt is created in some gorgeous fall colors; but your colors can be any combination you desire. 

Strive for “harmony” rather than “drama” when selecting your fabric colors. The drama will be added in the gorgeous fiber and silk ribbon embroidery!

Foundation: Crazy quilts are built on a foundation layer because the embroidery and beads create too much weight for a single layer of fabric. Also, this foundation will give you a place to “hide” all of your embroidery fiber traveling and bead thread knots.

Cut seven strips measuring 8” by WOF; subcut these into 27 pieces measuring 8” x 10”. Muslin or cream/white cotton will work beautifully as a foundation. If fabric is not available, you can also use a lightweight interfacing as your foundation. (If you plan on doing heavy embellishing, a combination of fabric/foundation is a good solution.)


Use a standard quarter-inch seam allowance when piecing the individual blocks. These blocks are assembled as you would a normal traditional pieced block. Follow the block diagrams and your fabric color placement guide lay out each patch in the proper place (refer to page 17) to create the specific block. All piecing should be done on top of the foundation fabric layer.  Begin with a center patch…then simply “flip’n’sew” the adjacent patches into place. Press the blocks and set aside.

Return here or to the C&T Blog for Part 2, which will be posted on Friday, October 27.

For more information on the Dazzling Diamonds Sew-A-Long, including the supply list and schedule, visit the first Dazzling Diamonds Sew-A-Long blog post:

Happy stitching!

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