Sunday, October 22, 2023

My Fabric Palette & Design Plan


Here is a photo of my fabrics, pasted to my Palette Guide. You might also note a small "color smidge" next to each fabric block...that is the crayon color used to represent that specific fabric in my Layout coloring page.

Here is my color layout page. I developed it by first considering the number of different fabrics planned to be used in the quilt (16 for me) and then dividing the possible patches in the quilt (100 by the way) to find that I should try to use each fabric color (6 is my number).

So, I began with a single color and tried to use it six times across the quilt; never letting that color "touch" itself as I selected the patches for it. I also tried to balance the color by spreading it across the quilt as much as possible.

While the embroidery will be the STAR of this project; it is important to still have a nice combination and balance of color in the placement of fabrics.

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