Monday, October 23, 2023

Organization Continues - Block Construction Beginning


I have printed out the Block Design sheets (use the link in the book, see page 16 in the book, under Block Construction heading.

Using the crayon colored page shown in the previous post...I transferred all of the Fabric Palette color references (ALPHA) to each page (block) of design sheets. Here in Block #1 you can see (above) that I will be using the fabrics A, K, H, and B for this block construction.

My next preparation task is to take my Foundation Fabric and cut out a rectangle large enough to hold the TRIANGLE block size. For me, I cut up some cotton in a light color...27 blocks...measuring about 6 1/2" x 10 1/2" to hold the full block dimensions. Now, I will use my light box to trace each block diagram using a #2 lead pencil. I will trace the inside and outside shape lines lines (1 solid, 1 red dot) on to the fabric. Then, I will trace the red dashed lines that mark the Fabric  Seam Line (see where the pencil point above it indicating) on to the foundation fabric block outline.

These lines will help you to place your fabric; and can provide a sewing line for you to "flip'n'sew" your block". You can use individual pattern pieces if you cut your printed pages along the seam lines (shown in the book). Or, you can use the drawn lines and wide stripes of fabric (I'll be cutting one strip of 4.5 inchs wide from each fabric) to more quickly piece these blocks. Where an area is larger than 4.5", I will have to cut a new piece of fabric to cover. Where an area is less than 4.5"...well, I will have wasted some fabric in favor of quickness.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you choose to trace the block outline as described above...remember to flip-over the pattern page so that you are copying the REVERSE of the block design since you will be working from the back of the foundation fabric to piece the block on it's front.

Block #1 - Here you will see that I've flipped the paper page over on my light table. I traced (using a ruler) the solid black TRIANGLE shape and the most outer (red dashed line) triangle shape. Then I've added the inside seam lines (red dashed lines).

Here is what the traced lines look like, after I have turned off the light box. I will also add the "Letter" of the fabric piece to each patch to help me remember...and hopefully, speed up the addition of the color fabric patches to the front of this Foundation Fabric. Remember than the pencil lines are on the back side...which is why I reversed the paper page pattern on my light box.

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