Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Piecing Block #11

Thought you might like some more photos. So, here is my piecing of Block #11.

First, I used my light table to trace the major portions of the block to my foundation fabric.

Here is what that looks like if I turn off the light table. This is what you should be seeing when you trace your blocks as well. REMEMBER to flip-over your pattern page so you are tracing the reverse image....since we are tracing on the back of our foundation fabric.

Next we need out fabric patches to sew to this foundation layer. Page 17 of Dazzling Diamonds explains this approach in more details.

Beginning at the center of the block, on the foundation...I place the first fabric down. Next, I flip the next patch over that and sew along the seam. The fabrics go on the front of the fabric...NOT on the side where you have the lines drawn; so use the light table to help you see these alignments better (or draw lines on both fabric sides).

Continue placing parts until the full block has been assembled. Now you are ready to place the embroidery overlay on top of the block. We will cover this in our Part #3 post on 27 October.


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