Saturday, October 23, 2010

A New Beginning

A friend from Arkansas asked if I'd cover the top of a beautiful cobalt blue box for her. Of course, I was honored that she would ask. And after discussing a little of the style that might be fitting a blue box; we settled on an underwater scene.

We searched the internet for an image of a mermaid. We selected a fairy mermaid with lovely shades of green and purple. She will be surrounded (eventually) by various plant life and underwater sea creatures. Here is what I have completed today. The brown and beige "lumps" will be rocks or boulders. The green and blue "things" will be plant life. The netting style trim will also be plant life.

And, I thought you might enjoy seeing the very beginning of the fabric placements. Here is the silkie placed on top of some green cotton broadcloth for stability. The broadcloth is about 3 inches larger on each side of the finished project size, to allow me to put it in a hoop to work on. I usually always work from my Q-snap hoops when the finished project will completely fit in the center. No hoop marks! No removing until I am done!

This entire project also has a thin piece of batting on the back of the 8 x 11 size rectangle (size of the top of the box). This extra stability is critical (IMHO) because the finished project will have so much beading it will become very heavy as all of it is stitched layer on top of layer.
 The "sand" floor center was added first, then I started layering the middle blues of the water. Next I added more blues upwards and browns towards the bottom.
 All of the pieces are hand stitched down. Then I machine stitched around the entire rectangle to keep all those edges down.

Most fabric pieces are triangle shaped scraps. I use the long side which is on the bias, as the edge I usually stitch down. The other sides are covered with the next pieces to be placed down most of the time.

The progress of this piece will be blogged as I work through the various plants, animals, and other objects.

If you have not tried an underwater project, I encourage you to do so. They are very liberating! No real seams or motifs are needed. Just embroidery work to create the underwater world you can imagine. Let yourself go and just create!

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