Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Paris Block Continues

Yesterday and today, I've been working some more on Wilma's crazy quilt block..."I Love Paris".
It is not finished yet...but, I have to hang it back up on the design wall for a couple of days... until my inspiration returns. I want to add a poodle and embellish some more on the few seams that are started...but have not made my mind up as to what stitches or beads to add...so, my muse is thinking.
So far, here is what I've changed, added, completed, etc...:
Upholstered the chairs and added a bowl of flowers to the existing outdoor cafe'
 Added a hand charm to appear to hold the existing Dior' trailing ribbon
 Over-stitched the lady printed on the center fabric, and embellished her fan...and added a beaded lace piece that reminded me of a gilded mirror...which she could have been looking in at the Boutique.
Added another trim under the previous crown ribbon...and added a floral motif. This is a beginning, and is one area that needs more work. So, it could also change....
 Added the completed Corsetted Lady, with her golden orange hair. The fabric behind her looks like she is hiding a shelf or something behind her back. I did not notice this before...Hmmm, I might could turn that into a book?

 Added the legs of a CanCan dancer
 Added an Eiffel Tower with city skyline...thinking trees are needed here too.
So.....I've added a lot to the block, but it still feels un-done to me.
  The bottom right corner has issues...as the trims are fighting for space and there needs to be "something" between them to help that distraction. There is also too much light space in the bottom right corner...perhaps a poodle there?
Also, the upper left corner looks blank with that lonely perfume bottle now that the rest of the block is filling up...but, what to add there? A purse perhaps? A shoe?

Any ideas from my CQ pals are welcome...I might not be able to create what you can think up...but, it might get my muse a thinking again! Wilma, want any changes? Say so now, cause it will be winding it's way across the ocean in a few days...hugs!


Holee said...

Okay, I'll bite...where's the wine or wine glass? A hat box, looking glass and pearls or lipstick. Maybe the "legs" should have red beaded shoes?And yes, it needs a poodle!

Kathy K said...

HI Kathy...how about something that goes with the perfume.... comb, brush, mirror, or fancy hat, feather.
Move the corset lady up to cover the partial lady figure above the sign and move the can-can lady to the bottom on top of the intersection (under where your corset lady is now)...the bottom open area maybe a scroll design or maybe some wording or sign or just Paris, France..or
ooo lala. It is really coming together...you have put a lot of thought into it....
you are a busy stitcher!..thanks for all your sharing
Kathy Kelly

Eileene said...

Kathy, what about the Eifle tower , the word Paris , or gay Parie. You know I can't spell. hehehe Love Eileene aka noiseynana

Bamasphynx said...

Ireally like what you are doing on this piece. I like the corset lady and the can can legs. I have been to Paris and you have captured the flavor of the city so far. I love the Eiffel tower but I don't really like the skyline. I'm sorry it looks like lightning to me. maybe some french words or trees or something. Also it is a city of artists. what about an easel or paint palette? I agree about the poodle. that would be cute. Enjoy your day.