Sunday, April 7, 2013

Fish Are Fused

Yesterday, I worked on fusing more fish blocks. 

I just could not wait for each month to come went and bought the pattern package at Fat Cat Patterns.

When I started this Block-of-the-Month...I was thinking it was a "normal" 12-month of blocks...but nope, there are 15 of them. An odd number for a quilt.

Twelve will be plenty for Aidan's twin bed...and that's a good thing...because I only had enough of the blue blackground for twelve blocks. 
I changed to a different background for the last three...which will be a double-owl wall hanging above her bed...and a bed pillow.
These are all going to Retreat with me this month...and maybe I'll get some of them actually stitched! All of the edges need some sort of embroidery help keep the fusible in place during laundry time!
I think Aidan will enjoy this quilt when it is finished.



Annette said...

Oh this will be so fun to do and anxious to see it all prettiefied. xoxoox

kitblu said...

Not only Aidan will like it. I am a Pisces and identify with fish.

NickiLee said...

Ohhhh Kathy! You know me and my love for the Under the Sea themes -I LOVE these fish! Did you buy the pattern one at a time or do they come in a package for all designs? Love love love what you are doing with them and the batiks!

wendy said...

How cute! Can't wait to see it all completed!

Colleen Anderson said...

Kathy, your fishies are darling!!

Shirlwin said...

I am in the final stages of stitching my fish, and am entranced with the collection!! What gorgeous quilts they will make.

Sarah Beth said...

these are so cute I really like them a lot. The colors are beautiful did you did did you design yourself or did you use a pattern.