Saturday, April 13, 2013

I Love Paris Block for Wilma is Done...

It went into the mail today...hopefully to find it's way to the Netherlands very soon!
The poodle was the last addition. She is a bit sassy, smelling the flowers on that seam treatment. 

Darlene did a beautiful fashion frock complete with matching purse. The entire vignette is just perfect for this block! Cathy added the P-A-R-I-S typewriter style beads...and I just adore them! The block got so adorned, that the space below the keys started looking a little empty, so I added a lace heart streamer to represent "love". I didn't add any other embellishment to that would have conflicted with the typewriter keys.

The right hand corner got a lace heart, roses, more trim, and a pair of lace doves to represent "romance". The corset lady is for plain ole "S-E-you know what!!". And the Eiffel tower is for "history".

I think it was Theresa that put in the cafe'...but I could be wrong. I don't have the booklet with me anymore, and my memory is really, if I'm wrong...hopefully someone will correct me. I placed the cancan dancer in the upper corner for "fun". She is so flamboyant that it washed out the cafe' some. Therefore, I added some color to the original black line drawing style by adding some green cushions to the chairs. And I removed a thin yellow stitched seam and used that thread to create a bowl of French knot flowers.

The strong white color and wide width of the lace piece that was on the upper left corner overpowered the block with it's scale. It is a gorgeous piece of lace, and made even more so because of the ribbon flowers, trim, and leaves that the ladies prior to me had stitched. The seam was so long, that there was a lot of the lace compared to other items on the block...which threw off the scale. I decided to try to break up this long seam by adding a cabochon and ribbon bow. The ribbon was provided to me with the block...and the cabochon represents "Marie Antoinette".

The perfume bottle was on the block when I received it...but had become a bit "lost" when everything else was stitched. So, I extended this area by adding a lipstitck and necklace. The chain of the necklace falls off of the "table top" and dangles a Fleur-delis.

The center area of the block has a dotted fabric with printed ladies. One image was full size, so I embellished her by over-stitching her hair, around her arms, and down the front of her dress. I used eyelash yarn to create her feather fan and added a beaded large stone style 'mirror' to a short seam. Lastly I added a trail of lace flower pieces with burgendy beads to trail across the block and help to move the viewer's eye around the area. I forget to get a full photo of the block, but hope that Wilma will remember to take one when it arrives.


Susan said...

Hi Kathy you are such an inspiration to me. I really read all that you have to say because I just love your work. I am working on my crazy quilt and must say thank you for sharing all your tips with me. hehehe Friends always asks me where do I get the inspiration from and when I say from a lovely blogger on the net, they just dont know what to say and just mumble that I am forever on the net. Jealous I think as I have a wonderful inspiring internet friend.

Teresa Quilts said...

This is beautiful, Kathy! Way to go!