Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Bird House Village is complete!

The Bird House Village pattern (73 x 94 inches) is complete and loaded on Craftsy! Woo Hoo!
The center of the quilt is a traditional Triple Irish Chain done quickly with strips of fabric. The border is embroidered as individual blocks and assembled with the center in rows.
The village includes ten different designs that are mixed'n'matched to create an entire village. Simple embroidery stitches are all that is needed to create the blocks. This quilt would be possible for even a beginner with the skill to sew a quarter inch seam...and do basic embroidery.
My friend and Pam are going to do this in spring colors but it would be just as pretty in redwork.
The pattern include full size embroidery designs, a full size quilt design for the center blocks, and full instructions on completing the Triple Irish Chain portion and assembling the quilt.
Basic embroidery skills and basic quilting skills are needed to complete the pattern.
Check out Craftsy (search for Shawkl) for the pattern to read more about it.

The pattern is available for immediate download.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

So cute! Love all the little birdhouses you've come up with.

Anonymous said...

I just saw that when I went over for the Monograms. Oh, my gosh, I didn't realize this was YOUR design! It's wonderful, and I love seeing the layout so now I get the whole village concept. I thought the blocks were in the white parts of the Irish Chain. Duh. I want this, and will hope I can get it when my son pays me rent in a couple of weeks. I WILL get it, so don't take it down any time soon!