Saturday, November 9, 2013

Fashion Show

Today, the blog post is by Aidan...who just turned 10 years old. It is a fashion show of just some of the wonderful outfits she got for her birthday...for her 18" doll. These creative ensembles were made by my friend Bea and mailed to Aidan. She was so excited to find that the box in the kitchen was for her...she didn't even wait to move it into the bedroom before opening it.
It was full of doll clothes, shoes, hats, and even a doll bed with mattress, quilt, and pillows.
Bea, you are just too much! Thank you so very much for making my darling Aidan smile for the past two days as she has dressed and re-dressed and re-dressed...etc...her doll.
(p.s. I love the little fur monkey you included in the dolls backpack)
Here's the fashion show!! 

And, these are not even half of the outfits!

(p.s. yes, I did not make my bed this morning...ha!)


Holee said...

I want to bring my doll to your house and play! Darn, my doll has nothing to wear! I hope it brings her hours of play. Give her a hug for me and tell her I only fall in love with sassy little her! She lacks no personality!

Today we did a yard sale and almost blew down the driveway...and froze! I'll be glad when New Years comes and I am moved again. Then I can set up the machines and sew some more things I didn't get slippers and dress boots and a stack of unfinished outfits!

margaret said...

belated birthday wishes Aiden and wow you must have the best dressed doll in the whole wide world. You have the most wonderful outfits and have never seen roller boots on a boll before.

Thearica said...

Happy late birthday Aiden. Your doll wardrobe looks great.