Monday, January 27, 2014

Parisian Rose Quilt

My friend Colleen posted a message on the HGTV Message Board to see finished French Rose Quilts, and of course that had me searching for photos. Not having the pattern, I just drew up a similiar version myself. Aidan and I had great fun this weekend working on a nine block quilt for my newly born great niece.
My Aidan is growing up right before my eyes. Where did my sweet little cuddle baby go? Time sure flies by. She is sewing up the leaves (until she found she had sewn about nine without any bobbin thread)...then see moved to chief presser because she got so aggravated. Ha, been there...done that before.
Here is the link to our pattern version if you'd like to try this yourself. It took us about two days...but we did other things too, so really you could get this done in a full day if you pushed yourself. We chose to use a very thin interfacing on the back of the flower pieces, then turn them inside-out by snipping a hole in the interfacing side. We did not trim any fabric away as we layered...but you could if you didn't like the bulk.


Wendy said...

hehehe...I made a pattern off the same quilt block about 3 months ago...I just raw edged appliqued them on top of each other a 1/4 inch all the way around on each...this leaves a very shabby look when you wash them up...I like how you did yours as well...

margaret said...

this is very nice and so good to have your daughter helping and sharing your love of stitching. I know only too well about bobbin thread running out, I expect the latest machines stop automatically or somehow let you know when it happens.