Friday, May 31, 2013

More stitching completed...and some fabrics selected!

Yesterday, I got a little further along on stitching Jenny's Block-of-the-Month from her E-Zine. 
Here are the fabrics I'll be using in mine. Jenny is using a smaller print rose...but I've got about six yards of this and want to use what's in my stash as best as I can.

She is also using a gingham...where I'm using a small polka dot. But, I like polka dots and could not find a pink gingham anywhere that was pretty. Hugs!
 These fabrics aren't a perfect color match...but will work well I'm thinking with the design as Jenny has created it because they are not right next to each other...being separated by the embroidery which is on white Kona cotton. I'm excited about where Jenny will be taking her little mystery quilt and hope to keep up each month... after I catch up that is! Plus, I've ordered another pattern from it has to travel all the way from Australia before I can begin that! I'll show you that when it gets here!

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Jenny of Elefantz said...

LOVE spots...just adore them. Your quilt will be gorgeous. I know that because I know what the finished design looks like. ;-)