Sunday, September 8, 2013

Busy Work...

As is usual lately, this week has been busy with Brady. He has learned a new trick...screaming. Not the kind of mad or angry kind of screaming...more like practicing cat calls. It is both endearing, funny...and sometime hurts your ears! Friday, he started imitating a motor boat or a growling's hard to tell the difference...kind of a GrrrrrBwwwrrrrrr sound. Adorable to watch him try to figure out how to get his lips and jaws working "like yours" to make sounds. And, he has decided that there is so much to learn...he no longer feels the need to take naps. He actually gets quite upset at the thought of going to it takes a while before he warms up the the idea and actually falls asleep. And, instead of 60-90 minutes of's now about 20-60 minutes instead. So, Auntie Kathy is working only small things that can be put down and picked, more cabochones! I've cleaned off the window seat so not Brady can have his little chair up there next to Buddy...and close at hand while I bead. He sits here about 15 minutes at a time...about 3 times a day. So...needles to say, that and naps are not a load of time for me to get anything done.

Still, I managed these cabochons this week.

And, have these many more to will be continuing this week too! Along with CQ Blocks of course.


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margaret said...

He looks a real cutie! children are so interesting at this age, mine are long past that stage even my granddaughter is 15 going on 40!

See Buddy is not risking the floor whilst Brady is in his walk about!
Your cabochons look great