Wednesday, September 3, 2014

More Organization...and Bargains Too...

Last week, I shared the tapestry pill box (bead organizer) I received from Miles Kimball. I had also ordered a tapestry zipper double eyeglass case...that was backordered.
 It arrived this week and I'm so happy with it. Look at all the room! The cost is very reasonable at 12.99 for a zippered case. My sunglasses are huge...and the other side holds two reading glasses. I like the elastic bands that hold things in place...and there is a mirror (yikes, scared myself!)...and a little net pocket on the divider. And, I tested closes completely with all of these in there.

Think organizer...and you could pack a few things into this little case! I also think that eyeglasses on one side, keys on the card and drivers license in the purse! 
Look at all the supplies that were in there! if organization was not enough this week...I got some cool bargains at my Dollar General store today!
 These dish towels were 4 for $5...a great buy. One brown one will be "saved" to be used for teddy bear fur...and look at the ribbon that the bundle was tied with! It is so soft...and all cotton. I'm thinking I can make woven roses with this!
 These are men's handkerchiefs...not fancy, but wonderful cotton linen fabric. The size is huge at 16 x 16...and being cotton I can dye them any color I want! I'm using these for embroidery backgrounds...and at $2.50 for FOUR of them...I got four packages...16 handkerchiefs. I wanted them all but then thought of that poor man who really might need a handkerchief but could not find one...because I bought all 20 packages! left with four...might go back tomorrow. I mean, he only needs one I could get 15 more packages...ha!
 Lastly, I needed pony tail holders...these were also $2.50 and I got ten in the package...a good deal in itself. But I can only use nine of them because one will be cut to remove this wonderful black crystal filled rose slide! It belongs on a CQ Block...not in my hair. Again, I should have bought them all...and that's a second reason to go back tomorrow! Ha!

So, walk around your local "dime store" and look at'd be surprised what you might find!



DH said...

I love bargains! My craft room is full of bargains I couldn't pass up. Looks like you got some great ones. Dawn

Sandra said...

I like the way your mind works

Lin said...

I love a bargain. xx

Thoeria said...

Oh great bargains!! I too love getting stuff and "re-purposing" the fabric for something else :)

Magpie's Mumblings said...

The dollar store is a goldmine of fodder for all sorts of creative things. I am always looking there for bracelets and necklaces that I take apart for the beads and far cheaper than buying packages of 'real' beads. The scrapbooking area yields all sorts of crazy quilt embellishments too. Haven't seen any men's handkerchiefs here, but I'll check the next time I'm in Dollarama.