Sunday, October 16, 2022

Catching Up - Mid October

 Good morning! Hope everyone is doing great and enjoying these slightly cooler days. It will be time to drag those coats out before we know it. I've been busy as usual, and thought I'd catch my readers up on what's going on. First off, I'm trying to get a few small classes going one-on-one at the local artist shop in Jacksonville, Alabama...and her is my first student. Linda is learning how to embroider and she did a great job of her first project.

My granddaughter is almost 3 years old now (doesn't she look just like her Mom with that unruly red hair!). She is pure sunshine! A few hours of play, and Nana is just worn out. :)

I'm still trudging along on my Snowflake hexagon (English Paper Piecing) quilt.

Each night I sit with this basket in my lap and create hexagons then stitch a few together. The snowflakes are done; now I'm working on the portions for the outside edge.

Each hexagon is fabric surrounding a fabric shape; the folds are tacked into place with needle and thread. When sections are sewn into the quilt top...the paper is "popped out" of each piece EXCEPT the outer edge hexies. These are kept stiff with the paper until the quilt is ready to complete.

This is my tredle sewing machine; she's a beauty. 

She is missing the tredle casing and lower plate; so I'm on the hunt to fine these. No luck on Etsy or Ebay but am still looking. 

Lastly, the latest book is coming the publishers and expecting a release date after the first of the year. Seems that this one is taking way longer to pull together than before, but expect the publisher is having staffing problems or something.

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Magpie's Mumblings said...

Your wee grandie is adorable! They do wear you out but they bring such joy too.
Glad you have another book on the horizon - looking forward to seeing it.